How I Learned to Drive

How I Learned to Drive


Paperback, Pages: 64

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The 1950s pop music accompanying Lil Bits excursion down memory lane cannot drown out the ghosts of her past. Sweet recollections of driving with her beloved uncle intermingle with lessons about the darker sides of life. Balmy evenings are fraught with danger; seductions happen anywhere. Lil Bit navigates a narrow path between the demands of family and her own sense of right and wrong.

  •    Jular Kalempa
    My friend, Hannah, and I were discussing this play today. We decided that you can never say that you love this play - it is more like you have respect for it. Beautifully written and so well crafted. Reading a summary may make you feel that this would be a black and white story of good and evil, but it is so far from that. The entire play is one big gray area. Part of me wants to see a staged production, while the other part is a little more hesitant. I do think it would be interesting to see different representations of the characters!
  •    Shaktilrajas Heehs
    I’m bad at properly reviewing plays without actually seeing them but Paula Vogel is definitely one of the absolute best playwrights working today and this one does NOT hold back

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